These forms are provided   for  the convenience of residents of Summit County, Ohio.  

Note:  TRANSLATED OR NON-ENGLISH SUPREME COURT STANDARIZED FORMS are available in Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic and Chinese at the following link:

To download a free PDF reader, visit   and download Acrobat Reader.   To download forms, click on the category below.  Forms in that category will then be displayed.    Many of these forms can be  completed online and then printed out and filed   with the Clerk of Courts for  Summit County.  Some must be printed and  then completed manually.   MAKE SURE TO READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS.

REMEMBER – Legal matters are  often complicated and involve issues that are best handled by an attorney.      We advise all litigants coming before our court to retain an attorney.    If  you do not know an attorney that you wish to retain, the Akron Bar Association’s    Lawyer Referral Service can provide you with the name of a family law practitioner who will do an initial one-half hour consultation with you for $30.00.  The Lawyer Referral Service can be reached by telephone  at (330) 253-5038 or by e-mail at .   

NOTE ON PDF FORMS – These forms cannot be saved with the information you input using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader product.  If you complete a form using only Reader, make sure to  print it out immediately before leaving the form or you will lose your information.  To save the forms with the information intact, you must purchase the full version of the Adobe Acrobat product or set up and use another  PDF capable product.  The full version of Acrobat Reader can be purchased  at .

Note – Most court filings require a deposit for court costs (filing fee).  Click here for the list of filing fees.