This court offers a voluntary treatment program for parents with a chemical dependency or mental health issue whose actions negatively affect the parenting of their minor children.  Program participants will be provided with the opportunity for treatment, as well as taught how to maintain sobriety or mental health wellness, and will be provided with supports in the community and in the court. 
Married parents of minor children who file for divorce or dissolution are required to attend the virtual Remember the Children program.   The program is designed to educate parents about the effects of divorce on their children.
Working together to cooperate in parenting children is the most important investment parents can make in the future of the children.  The Working Together Program helps parents who have never married understand their legal rights and responsibilities regarding their children.   
Both the Remember the Children and Working Together Program are offered online free of charge. They utilize the Courts Learning Management System which permits users to set up a LMS Account and access the online lessons.
If you have been court ordered to view Remember the Children OR Working Together and have questions on how to create an online LMS Account click the link “Learn how to access LMS” to find out more.

The Online Parenting Programs (OPP) are utilized by the Summit County Domestic Relations Court in cases involving minor children to provide virtual parenting programs that address a wide range of parenting issues such as: Conflict Management, Parenting Skills, and Legal Custody Conflicts and Management. The Court will order the parties to complete OPP where deemed appropriate pursuant to Local Rule 32.02. The parties will be responsible for the cost of the classes. However, if a party cannot afford the cost, they may apply for a needs-based scholarship with OPP.

For Technical Support: 1-866-504-2883 or


A guardian ad litem is a professional assigned by the court to assess a family’s situation and fitness in cases of legal custody.  Guardians ad litem may be lawyers, social workers, or other professionals who have extensive experience working with children and families.  Once their assessment is complete, a guardian will make a recommendation to the court in the children’s best interest.
This court offers a mediation type program for parents dealing with minor disagreements or problems with their existing shared parenting plan. Informal Proceedings may allow parents to reach agreement without filing a formal motion through the court. Interested parties can download an application here or contact Family Court Services at (330) 643-2355 for more information.
A parent coordinator is a trained professional who helps separated or divorced parents resolve conflicts and make decisions regarding their children. The role of a parent coordinator is to assist parents in establishing effective communication, reducing conflict, and promoting cooperation in co-parenting arrangements.