The Court has three educational programs designed to help parents assist their children during the court process and beyond.

Remember the Children

The Remember the Children Program is a free, three hour parent education program designed to increase parent’s awareness of their children’s reactions and emotional and developmental needs during and after divorce.  All parents with children under eighteen are required to attend the program within 60 days of filing a divorce proceeding.

The Remember the Children Program objectives are:

  1. Help divorcing parents become aware of the impact of divorce on their children, including the long-range effects that can stem from even subtle manipulation, abuse or neglect.
  2. Help divorcing parents become aware to the importance of communication with their children, and with the other parent, during the divorce process.
  3. Help divorcing parents become aware of techniques to promote communication.
  4. Help divorcing parents become aware of programs and services available in Summit County to assist them through this crisis
  5. Help divorcing parents understand their children’s social, emotional and developmental needs during and after divorce.

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NOTE – Due to COVID-19, Remember the Children is moving to an online format in early-mid July, 2020.  In-person programs are cancelled until further notice.

Working Together

The Working Together Program is an educational program for never married parents or grandparents seeking visitation, who share a commitment to their children, and are involved in the Court process to determine visitation and/or custody issues.  Working Together gives parents the opportunity to learn together their legal rights and responsibilities as parents.  Following the one hour education program, parents are given the opportunity to meet for mediation with a neutral professional to resolve their differences and plan together on the best way to meet the challenges ahead.

The program is held on the second and fourth Thursday of each month, from 9 A.M. until noon.  All sessions are held downtown at the Summit County Domestic Relations Court, 205 S. High Street on the second floor.  Parties are ordered into the program when filing an initial parentage action.

Positive Solutions

The Positive Solutions Program is a nine hour educational program for parents involved in the court who are experiencing high levels of ongoing conflict. These parents frequently file repeated motions and tend to involve the children in their conflict.  In an effort to reduce the level of conflict and encourage cooperative co-parenting, the Summit County Domestic Relations Court orders parents to attend the three, 3-hour classes in order to learn conflict management and communication skills.  The program is appropriate for all pre and post decree divorce, dissolution and parentage cases. Parents may be referred by the Judge, the magistrate or upon the request of counsel, at any time during the case process.

Positive Solutions is designed to confront the negative behavior patterns engaged in by the parents and bring home to them, the long-term damage their destructive behaviors will have on their children.

The Positive Solutions Program is facilitated by trained professionals, familiar with and comfortable with high conflict families.  These professionals bring with them years of experience and expertise in helping families resolve conflicts peacefully and learn to problem solve successfully.  Many families coming into the program have experienced problems for years.  Their children, embroiled in the conflict, are frequently experiencing academic, emotional and behavioral problems.

The Positive Solutions program takes place on the first three Tuesday evenings of every  month from 6:00 – 9:00pm.  Participants must plan to attend all three sessions.  Childcare is not available, so alternate plans must be made.  Classes are limited to the parties involved in the case.  Significant other partners are not to attend unless specifically ordered.  Classes are held in the Training Facility on the second floor of the Domestic Relations Court building.

The cost for the Positive Solutions class is paid for by parties’ filing fees.  Out of county participants will be charged $150 per person for the program.  Fees must be paid by  check or money order prior to the parties being scheduled for the program. For more information contact Ken Teleis at 330-643-2082 or email: .