Beginning May 24, 2021, all court hearings, mediations and evaluation interviews will resume IN PERSON.  However, there may be circumstances where Zoom meetings might be appropriate and requested by the court, mediator, evaluator or parties.  You may be asked to come into the Court building and attend the Zoom meeting on your device in a separate room.  If appearing for a Zoom meeting at the Courthouse, it will be necessary to bring your device with you.  You will be instructed by the court in advance if your attendance will be by Zoom or in person.  You may also call the court at (330) 643-2365 to check the status of your hearing, mediation, or evaluation.

Zoom Instructions:

1)  Please make sure that you have a private place in which to conduct the meeting.  Mediation/Evaluation is a CONFIDENTIAL process and the child/children, or any other person or party, are specifically prohibited from the Zoom meeting. If it is discovered that other persons are present or able to hear the Zoom meeting, the meeting will be immediately discontinued and the meeting will be reset to be in person in the Court building. No one is permitted to record any Zoom meeting with the Court or to communicate with anyone else not a part of the Zoom meeting in any fashion unless permission is requested during the hearing and granted by Court personnel.

2)  Download the Zoom app in advance of your hearing, mediation, or evaluation. Please note, if you are using a laptop or desktop computer, this must have a camera.  If you do not have a camera on your desktop or laptop, you can utilize a smartphone.

3)  Review your email.  Your invitation to the meeting will come through the email address you provided to the Court.   To confirm or change your email address, please call (330) 643-2365.

4.)  Access the meeting with the Meeting ID # provided in the email invitation. If you did not receive an email invitation, the Meeting ID list is posted on under the “Zoom Hearing Attendance” tab.

If, for any reason, you cannot access the app, i.e. you have no device, you have no one to watch your children, etc., do NOT worry.  Please call the Summit County Domestic Relations Court at 330-643-2365 to inform us that you are unable to attend the Zoom court hearing/ mediation/evaluation interview PRIOR to the date.

Physical copies of any proposed exhibits must be delivered to the magistrate 24 hours prior to the hearing if you are appearing by Zoom.


Name Zoom connection
Judge Katarina Cook
Judge Susan Steinhauer
Magistrate Jason Adams
Magistrate Stephan Collins
Magistrate Erin Dazey
Magistrate Cara Ford
Magistrate Rebecca Didonato Heimbaugh
Magistrate Elisa Hill
Magistrate Julie Schafer
Magistrate David Lombardi (Cases assigned to Magistrate Margaret Scott)
Magistrate Christopher Snyder
Chief Magistrate Scot Stevenson
Magistrate Cheryl Wear
Family Court Services and Mediations
Diane Dougherty (Mediator)
FCS Director – Randy Flick
Evaluator – Alissa Endicott
Evaluator – Traci Hagen
Evaluator – Cortney Crew