The court has implemented remote hearing attendance using Zoom video conferencing. Each judge, magistrate and evaluator have individual hearing rooms on Zoom. If you are attending your hearing via Zoom using a laptop or desktop computer, please download the Zoom client for Windows at If you are using an Android phone, you can install the Zoom Cloud Meetings app from the Google Play Store on your phone. For iPhone users, you can install the Zoom Cloud Meetings app from the iTunes store. Once you have installed the app, you can enter the designated Zoom meeting at the time of your hearing. The links are listed below, or you may click the link to print the entire list using the link below.

If you plan to appear by Zoom, physical copies of any exhibits must be delivered to the magistrate 24 hours prior to the hearing.

Name Zoom connection
Judge Katarina Cook
Judge John Quinn (Visiting Judge)
Magistrate Jason Adams
Magistrate Stephan Collins
Magistrate Cara Ford
Magistrate Rebecca Didonato Heimbaugh
Magistrate Elisa Hill (Mag. Gui)
Magistrate Julie Schafer
Magistrate Margaret Scott
Magistrate Christopher Snyder
Chief Magistrate Scot Stevenson
Magistrate Cheryl Wear
Family Court Services and Mediations
Diane Dougherty (Mediator)
FCS Director – Randy Flick
Evaluator – Candace Derry
Evaluator – Alissa Endicott
Evaluator – Traci Hagen
Evaluator – Cortney Crew