Local Rules:

CLICK HERE FOR LOCAL RULES (Last Amended February 24, 2022)

Forms referenced in the Rules appendix can be found on the forms page.

Newly Adopted Rules:

  •  Local Rules 27.01 and 27.02 are adopted effective January 20, 2021, pursuant to Sup. R. 5, subject to public comment.  These provisions govern the Court’s process for motions to set aside a magistrate’s order.  The most significant change is that, pursuant to Proposed Loc. R. 27.02, a motion to set aside a magistrate’s order based on a finding of fact will now require an audio recording of the hearing in lieu of a transcript as a record of that proceeding.  There will be no charge to parties for the audio recording.
  • Revised Loc. R. 34 became effective March 29, 2021.  The amendments address the required years of experience for GALs to be considered for the Court’s appointment list and the required initial and annual training hours have been reduced, includes additional notice that a party may be found in contempt of court for improperly sharing the GAL report, and addresses Civ. R. 17 (B) and the procedure to be followed for the appointment of a GAL when a party is alleged to be incompetent.

Rules Pending Comment:

No rules are pending comment.