If we have shared parenting, why do I have to pay child support?

The purpose of child support in shared parenting cases is two fold. First, child support is for the child and is to reduce the impact on the child of any great disparity in income between the parents. Children who have lived according to one standard of living should not, because of a divorce or dissolution, have to live in one “rich” house and one “poor” house.

Second, by assigning one parent the primary responsibility for providing for the material needs of the child, the court hopes to reduce conflict between the parents over the needs of the child.

Child support schedules are set to meet children’s expenses in proportion to their parent’s income.

The court may deviate from the Child Support Guidelines if there are specific facts which justify a deviation. For example: spending considerable time with your children, disparate income or unusual expenses. You may file a Motion asking the Court to deviate from the Child Support Guidelines and at the hearing you must give specific facts. Please see the Ohio Revised Code.