Agreed Judgment Entries and Mediation Fees

Judge Katarina Cook

December 22, 2022
MEDIA CONTACT: Brittany Durieux
Community Outreach Director
(330) 643-2359

(Summit County, Ohio) – Beginning January 2, 2023, the Summit County Domestic Relations Court is implementing a new procedure regarding certain Agreed Judgment Entries. The Summit County Clerk of Courts shall charge, in addition to all other court costs, a filing fee of fifty dollars ($50) for each Agreed Entry filed in cases which have been closed more than forty-five days.
An “Agreed Entry” is any entry signed by all parties and/or their legal counsel. The purpose of the special projects fee is to maintain the efficient operation of the Court. Fees received for these Agreed Entries shall be used to acquire and pay for special projects of the Court, including but not limited to the rehabilitation of facilities, the acquisition of equipment, the hiring and training of staff, training and education of judges, community service programs, mediation or dispute resolution services, and other related court programs or services. Funds collected shall be equally divided between the Summit County Domestic Relations Court and the Summit County Clerk of Courts.
Also beginning January 2, 2023, pursuant to Local Rule 33.03(A), parties who fail to appear for their mediation session will be assessed $100. This fee is normally waived for any person who appears as ordered. Funds collected shall also be deposited into the Domestic Relations Special Project Fund.
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