Court Policies & Procedures

Facial Coverings – Effective 8/10/2021

All matters scheduled at the Summit County Domestic Relations Court will be in person unless the scheduling order specifies otherwise.  Parties and counsel shall not wear masks while speaking for the duration of the hearing and witnesses shall not wear masks while on the witness stand.  The purpose of this policy is to allow the Judges and Magistrates to effectively determine credibility and to ensure accurate transcription by the court reporter.  Should a party, counsel, or witness need to wear a mask while speaking and/or testifying during a hearing, a timely motion to appear with a facial covering/mask, via Zoom or to continue the matter shall be filed.

Children in the Courthouse – Effective 7/20/2021

No Child(ren) should be brought into the Courthouse unless instructed to by court personnel or the child is a witness in a hearing being held that day. If you appear with child(ren) in violation of this rule, you will be instructed to leave the Courthouse and your hearing will be continued to a future date unless you can make alternate arrangements for childcare within 15 minutes of the time of your hearing.

If Court personnel instruct you to bring your child, or your child is a witness, you must bring a responsible adult to supervise the child when you are unavailable during your hearing time.

Exhibits – Effective 8/19/2021

Proposed exhibits for trials or hearings are not to be filed with the Clerk’s office.

Magistrate Hearings Judge Hearings/Trials
Please call the magistrates’ scheduler at (330) 643-5456 and bring the exhibits to the 3rd Floor security desk. Bring exhibits to the 4th Floor security desk OR contact the judge’s bailiff.